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Careers - Future Focus

Have you heard talk about the impact of technology on our employment futures? The reality of this changing landscape is now. The implications are huge for school age students, simply because the jobs we ourselves have may change rapidly, may disappear, and we cannot foresee the employment future for our girls in twenty years time. The word ‘career’ has itself been redefined to encapsulate all of our post-school life’s work, including parenthood and voluntary work.

Using our school wide careers initiative, it is our intention to strengthen the role of the whanau group in helping students to be aware of their own strengths and passions and to explore where this might lead them in their futures. We also wish to strengthen our academic mentoring model to ensure that students are aware of how current choices can have an impact upon future opportunities. Your part in this is essential. In a rapidly changing world, your daughters need to know their own strengths and passions, and together, we need to build in them both the key competencies and the career competencies.

Time to update your CV?

Keep up to date the CV you created to include your academic achievement in NCEA and any other relevant new information. www.careers.govt.nz
1. In your section on 'Education' add what you are doing at school this year above what you did last year (this is called reverse chronological order). Change what you did last year to how you got on in NCEA.
2. Add any new work you may have done to your 'Work Experience' section.
3. Check your referees are still correct.


For information please see Jenni Catley
Careers Office, A303
or email [email protected]

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