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Student Leadership Selection

Nearing the end of the Year 12 year, a leadership day is held for Year 12 students and the concept of servant leadership, the Marist model, is explored. An important feature of this leadership model is that all students in Year 13 are regarded as school leaders. Some of these have designated roles.

Also at this day, Year 12 students are invited to fill in a brief resumé about themselves and to nominate which specific leadership roles they might be interested in, if any, for the next year.

At a later date, all Year 12 students are given the opportunity to vote for 10 students, whom they regard as suitable leadership candidates. It is important to note that they are not voting for a student for a particular role but for students whom they are happy to have lead them This is a done as a secret ballot and in silence. The staff of the college are also invited to nominate 10 students whom they consider potential leaders. These votes are then combined and counted; these votes are the determining factor in who is appointed to roles for the following year.

One additional factor which may determine which roles are assigned to whom, is the nomination by designated TIC of an area for students, who have demonstrated strengths or commitment in the specific area. Eg, Sport, Performance Arts, Liturgy, or Library to name a few.

The Senior Leadership Team then decide who will fill each role on the basis firstly of the votes, then the student's own requests for roles which they would like and lastly on the nominations by TIC for specific badges.

As part of our leadership training, students are invited to attend one of two leadership programmes offered through the college- the Marist Youth leader programme or the LOGOS Youth Leadership programme. These occur in January 2022.

Finally, a second group of leaders is appointed on Marist Day, as an acknowledgement of their servant leadership, without a badge, throughout the year.