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International Enrolment

There is a lot of information that you should read before making your decision about enrolment as an International Student. The Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students expects that you will have read the information below before enroling at Marist College.

1. You Read: International Student Prospectus in English  OR   Chinese

       This includes information about:        
Academic Programme, Subject Choices,
and Co-Curricular activities.
        - The Fee Schedule, Fees Guide and Refund Policy
        - Uniform Requirements and Supplier
       - Pastoral Care and Student Welfare
        - Accommodation Options and Policies,
Onshore Support Person Agreement plus 
        Complaints Advice and Procedures.

        For student visa information go to the Immigration
        New Zealand website www.immigration.govt.nz
        If you are coming to New Zealand without a parent, you can apply online at Immigration New Zealand. 
        For medical and travel insurance we recommend Southern Cross: 

2. You Fill In and Send
        Complete the Marist College Pre Enrolment Application and email it to:
        [email protected] with your school reports/transcripts.

3. We Contact You
        After processing your pre-enrolment application we will contact you for a SKYPE interview
        and/or request of further information.

4. We Accept Your Pre-Enrolment

        YOU then complete the full Enrolment Form International Student and Contracts
        and post or email these to: MARIST COLLEGE 
                                                 31 Alberton Avenue, Mt Albert, Auckland 1025, New Zealand
                                                         Email: [email protected]

5. To Complete Full Enrolment
        We send a Conditional Offer of Place Letter and Invoice for fees. 
        You make payment to the College of all fees and charges
        We then issue your Offer of Place and Receipt for Fees
        You then apply for your Student Visa through Immigration NZ.
        When you have your Student Visa you make travel arrangements to NZ.
        You then advise Marist College of your arrival date.

We welcome you to Marist College.

For application or enrolment queries or help: 
Please phone +64 9 846 8311, or email [email protected]