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Welcome to Technology

Technology is 'Intervention by design' to expand human possibilities. Almost every aspect of daily life - food, health care, transport, communications, entertainment, our environment - uses technology.
Technology is part of the NZ curriculum and at Marist covers the three areas of Materials Technology, Food Technology and Digital Technology (Computing). We offer these THREE technologies at different year levels.

Technology in the NZ Curriculum

As a subject technology allows students to:
  • Build on existing knowledge, skills, aspirations and values.  
  • Learn through failure, recognise the value in alternatives and unexpected outcomes. 
  • Take risks, challenge their thinking, show initiatives, make choices and be responsible for their own learning 
  • Connect with specialists and experts within the community. 
  • Work cooperatively and collaboratively 
This key learning is also incorporated into other subjects.
Technology Students can:
  • Be creative, energetic and seize the opportunities offered by new knowledge in the classroom, relationships and experiences. 
  • Be confident with their own identity, be motivated and resilient to limitations.
  • To develop and enhance the students unique potential and recognise the worth of others.
  • Be future focused and make informed, critical decisions that are strongly connected to social and moral implications.
  • Have high expectations of themselves.