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What to do

If you: Then you:

Have been absent

If you have not previously informed the school a note or email must be given to your Whānau Teacher on return to school. 

Are late to school
Go to the school office, sign in and give a note to explain your lateness.

Are looking for lost property eg. laptop etc.
Go to the school office immediately. We request that you label all of your belongings.

Need to use a phone

Ask at the school office.

Want to see the
Guidance Counsellor

Make an appointment online via the Wellness Centre tab on the school website here, or email the counsellor directly. Please note, they only check emails on the days they work.
Have an appointment during school time

Bring a note to your Whānau Teacher, who will do an electronic exit pass which the office will see when you sign out. On Tuesdays and Thursdays see the Dean on duty in the Deans office.
Damage school property (even by accident)

Tell the office immediately.
Change address, phone number, or email

Tell the office or ask parent to update on the Parent Portal.

Want to know what’s
going on

Listen to Daily Notices, ask your Whānau Teacher. Read the notices on the school system. See lunch break activity board outside the Library.
Don’t have the correct uniform

Bring a note from your parent or caregiver, go to the Deans office.

Want to join a sport

See the Sports Coordinator in A109 or see the Sport Site https://www.sporty.co.nz/maristcol/
Want to discuss

Talk to your Teacher, Curriculum Leaders, Dean, or DP Curriculum.
Want to travel on a 
school bus
See office staff.