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Welcome to Year 12 Careers

The Career Kete: Decide and Prepare

In year 12, the students use the Career Kete as a resource booklet.
The Career Kete is a booklet designed by Careers NZ to help students think about their future. The booklet enables students to gain an understanding of the tertiary options available to them and guides the them through a process of understanding different qualifications and how to understand the job market.
The booklet is a tool to help students learn more about themselves and the skills they possess to enable them to have a successful future.
Decide and Prepare develops the career management competencies students need to make career-related decisions as they transition to further learning and work.The content is organised into the five areas:
  • Understand the tertiary options
  • Understand the job market
  • Plan my learning pathway
  • Prepare a CV
  • Develop job search skills.    
The students will learn how to write a CV, prepare a cover letter and even helps the students learn to plan a budget to help them with their student loans or other allowances.

Year 12 Work Choice Day

This day will involve Year 12 students spending the day learning about employment options by visiting a workplace of their choice (company, business, industry, organisation) and seeing them in action.  It is an opportunity to:
  1.  Take a real-life work look into the future students are considering  
  2.  Increase students’ awareness of pathways to employment and of employment options. 
  3.  Help students make career decisions.    
The preferred option for Work choice Day is students organising their own visits. Students who have a clear idea of the kind of work they are most interested in pursuing, are encouraged to make individual approaches to companies of their own choosing. Please encourage them to use their networks and contacts, for example, clubs, family friends etc to find a workplace that may be suitable.

If you need more help finding an organisation please contact your careers team, we are here to help!
Hi from the careers team!
Year 12 students will have access to career education and guidance at Marist College. The ultimate goal is for young people to leave school with: A developed sense of self-awareness an awareness of opportunities the ability to make decisions and plans the ability to take action Not sure what you want to do? Your first step is to understand who you are and what you want – both from your work and your life.