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Lost Property

Please check your daughters items carefully - only using initials rather than full names, faded markings, and loose or unattached labels are contributing to lost property. 

Please CLEARLY NAME all items so we can return them to your daughter easily.

The lost property is overflowing again!! At the end of each term any uncollected property will be donated to charity and our used uniforms shop.

We want to let parents and caregivers know how important clear labelling is.  Vivid is a temporary solution but fades and wears off.  Once faded we can’t read the student’s name and return the items.  A few parents may have received emails in regard to lost items being at the office. This is because we were able to read the labels. 

Please take this opportunity to purchase good quality iron on and sticker labels and support our school at the same time.  There are so many different options to choose from. 

The web address is:    www.stuckonyou.co.nz

Once you have ordered your labels, click on proceed to check out.  At check out, you click the box that says fundraiser code. (to the right of the screen). You then enter our code which is: maristcollegeptfa This is what earns the school a commission from your purchase.  Items we strongly recommend (there are multi pack options) are iron on labels for clothes, sportswear, shoe labels and drink bottle labels. Once you have purchased your labels they will arrive directly to you via NZ post.

Parents are welcome to look through the lost property box which is located in the Office Foyer.