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Honoka Fujita – Japan

I came to New Zealand in January, 2016. I really like Marist College because all students and teachers are nice. Marist College has a family spirit, so they are caring each other like a real big family. That is surprising for me because I have never experienced these school in Japan. And that’s why I have good friends here. The students always help me in every situation.

When I went to surfing camp, I was nervous and worried about everything because it was first time to leave my host family, and it was early in the first term. My English skills were not good as now, and there were many people who I have not talked to. However, they knew me although I did not know some of their names, and they helped me a lot. Like when teacher and/or instructor was instructing, they tried to tell me using easy English, so I could understand. That was one of my best memories in New Zealand.

I have joined basketball team, there were a few year 12s and no international students. We had games each week, and each time I was on the court, my teammates cheered me. So we became good friends. And I appreciated this club activity.

I am so happy to be a Marist College student. And I learned not only English and also how we live. The experience in Marist College was very good for me and I do not want to leave the school now. The students and teachers always helped me, so they help you as well.

私は、Marist Collegeに約1年間在籍しています。この学校は、人数が少なく、国際生が非常に少ないと聞いていたので始めはすごく不安でした。しかし、私のホストシスターがMarist Collegeの生徒で同学年であったこともあり、今ではたくさんの素敵な友達と生活しています。

この学校は、カトリックの学校なので毎週水曜日と金曜日には集会があり、それ以外の日にはTutor Groupと呼ばれるホームルームのようなグループの中で礼拝のようなものをします。そのためか、ここの学校の生徒はみんなとても優しいです。また、常に神様の存在を意識しており、なにかあると神様への感謝のお祈りを必ず行います。