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Weichen Zhang (Vivian)

I was a Year 13 student at Marist College in 2016. Beijing is my home town where I was born and raised, and now I’ve already been in New Zealand for almost 3 years. As an International Student, I went through a challenging period of time when I first arrived, in my new country. But when I look back now, I appreciate the challenges I’ve experienced and I do feel that coming to Marist College has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. 

Before I came here, I received offers from all 3 high schools that I applied for, including Marist College, another girls’ school and a co-ed school. Even though I was not Catholic, I made up my mind to come to Marist as my family believed that people who have a religion would be more kind. Indeed, the Students at Marist College all have very good manners. They are polite and friendly and they would never leave you alone in class discussions. 

The staff at Marist are caring and helpful as well. I’ve grown from a shy little girl to a leader in Year 13 and I have high achievements in all my subjects with great help from teachers and local students. I appreciate that!

Marist College also has helped me to find my passion in life. Now I’ve received offers of BA Media from my dream schools in England. I’ve learnt so much from Marist both academically and spiritually. I believe if you come to Marist, you can also learn how strong you can be, that you are capable to achieve anything that you want.  

我目前在Marist College就读高三,我来自北京,现在来新西兰已有近三年。当初踏入这个全新的国土,我的确经历了一段富有挑战的时光。而此时当我回收眺望,却是对曾经的种种经历饱含感激。我不禁深刻觉得,在我短暂的人生里,选择来Marist College读书是我做过的最成功的几个决定之一。   

在我来新西兰之前申请了三所高中,包括Marist College,另一所女校,和一所男女混校。最终我决定来这里学习,是因为我家人觉得有信仰的人是和蔼的善良的。我来到新西兰后发现确实如此,Marist College的同学有很良好的教养。她们热心而温和,绝对不会把你一个人在小组活动中隔绝开来。这所学校的老师也非常热情,我从一个胆小内向的小姑娘成长成为一个各科成绩优异,富有领导力的高三学姐,老师和同学都对我有着不可忽视的巨大帮助。我无法用简单的言语阐述我对这所学校的感激和爱。   

宏观来说,Marist College甚至帮我找到了职业及人生的方向。如今我已经收到三所英国大学的录取通知书,即将赴往英国深造传媒。我感觉我在Marist College的成长不仅是学业上的,更是心理乃至灵魂上的飞跃。所以我完全有理由相信Marist College会让你获得你所期望的成绩,得到质的飞跃。