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Information for Students

Computer logon 
You will be given your logon details when you enrol. Your password will be at least 8 characters long and will contain one uppercase letter and one numeral. Please don't share you password with anyone. 

Lost or forgotten passwords 
If you have trouble logging in, check that you haven't accidentally typed a space before or after your name. If you've forgotten your password, one of your teachers can look it up for you. If you REALLY need your password reset, you can ask your Dean to arrange this for you.  
School emails 
To access your school email you need to get online and go to the webpage 
https://outlook.office365.com and then log in using your school computer login. 

Using your device at school 
To set your own device up to connect to the internet through the school wireless you need to open your wireless network settings. The exact process varies depending on what device you have. You need to look for the the network called 'Marist BYOD' and sign in using your school computer logon name(not your whole email address) and password.  

Google logons 
All students have a Google login associated with their school email address. We haven't set you up for gmail, but you can use Google Drive, Classroom and Calendar. You can log in to Google by clicking on the blue 'sign in' link at the top right of the Google home page screen. Your login is your WHOLE school email address, and your school login password.      

Microsoft Office software for students
As a Marist College student you can get free copies of Office365 software to install on your devices. To do this you need to navigate to https://www.office.com and sign in using your school account. Then look for 'Install Office' on the right hand side.

This is also where you can find your online documents in OneDrive.

Healthy and safe computer use 
It is important that we develop healthy habits when using computers. The videos below (made by students) give some tips about this.