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NCEA Information

NCEA is the New Zealand national qualification offered at Marist College. 

Over the ten years since its inception, our results have reflected the suitability of NCEA for our students as they grow in success.  The certificate endorsement at each level and course endorsement has proven to be motivating for the girls as they strive to achieve personal excellence. 

Marist College continues to shine in the Scholarship Examinations offered at the end of Year 13.  Candidates for these scholarships are drawn from a range of differing qualification systems.  Thus, our relative success at this level is evidence to us that learning and assessment under NCEA is both robust and comparable.

Tips for Parents
  • Ask your daughter how NCEA works- most students understand it well.
  • Provide support, such as time, space and homework help, to maximise your daughter's learning- remember they will be assessed throughout the year, not just in the final examinations.
  • When helping your daughter choose courses, encourage them to take a broad range at level 1, but to start thinking about what areas they might focus on for future study or their career at levels 2 and 3.
  • Encourage your daughter to aim for higher grades- Merit and Excellence.  These will improve their career prospects or improve their chances of gaining entry into their chosen tertiary course.
  • If your daughter has a particular career or tertiary course in mind, find out what level 2 or 3 standards they may require with the university or other tertiary institution where they intend to study.
  • If you have any concerns or would like guidance on how your daughter is progressing, contact her Dean through the school office or by email.  NCEA related questions can be directed to either the Deputy Principal responsible for Curriculum, or Mrs Menezes, NZQA Principal's Nominee.
To further assist parents and students with questions on NCEA, some factsheets on Understanding NCEA are available on the NZQA website: www.nzqa.govt.nz/ncea-thefacts
NZQA Handbook
Students Handbook 2022
NCEA and Scholarship Guide 2022

Free at-home learning for NCEA students

Online education provider LearnCoach has made its platform free for NCEA students. 

To register your child for free access visit learncoach.com